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They have specific resistance to metals, without the need for additional reinforcement, the resistance obtained under light weight conditions, having a minimal effect on the resistance of buildings. The thermal barrier made of polyamide eliminates the thermal conductivity of the metal, ensuring a thermal coefficient close to that of the PVC systems..

Profilco PR63

profilcopr63The high specification system with thermal insulation offers optimum protection against cold, heat and noise, ensuring ideal conditions in the interior spaces that protect. This is the best solution for people with high expectations from aluminum systems for their constructions, offering excellent technical and aesthetic solutions.

  • Width of the sash 63 mm, frame width 55 – 108 mm.
  • Includes 10 – 40 mm insulated glass.
  • Thermal transfer coefficient 2.7 W / mpK.
  • Heat and noise transfer blocked by using 24 mm polyamide.
  • Energy saving by reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • Prevent water condensation on the inside of the profile.
  • Full waterproof, provided with drainage channels specially designed for all profiles. In addition, three EPDM gaskets ensure maximum tightness.
  • The central gasket is installed with a vulcanized corner gasket in a way that stops the flow through 45 ° corners.
  • Special profiles designed for the construction of entrance doors without threshold, easier, faster and without special treatment of the profile.
  • Thermal barrier profiles specially designed to ensure perfect tightness at the bottom of the entrance doors.

Profilco PR43

profilcopr43Easy system from Profilco, with oscillating swing for windows and doors. Discreet design with smooth curves on the outer surface.

  • Width 45mm, frame width 40-69mm.
  • Includes 10 – 24 mm insulated glass.
  • This is a modern system with smooth lines, suitable for modern aesthetic constructions. Easy to assemble, due to its secondary profiles, it offers many solutions in each construction. Recommended only for small or interior construction.
  • The system has complete water and air tightness thanks to the 3 EPDM seals.
  • A specially designed plastic lid ensures water flow under extreme wind conditions.
  • Perfect construction is ensured with minimal cost.

Profilco PR26

profilcopr26Easy slide system for small and medium windows. Particular attention is paid to the weight of the profile, without compromising the quality of the product and the functional result..

  • Width of sash 28 mm.
  • Includes 10 – 22 mm insulated glass.
  • Easy to assemble.